Death of a Dreamer

In the Beginning The first time I earnestly cut I coupled it with an alcohol soaked pill overdose.  I didn’t realize the depth you have to cut to do irreparable damage.  I’d like to say this was my first suicide attempt.  Or even my last.  You’d think the risk of having to drink charcoal again … More Death of a Dreamer

Pop Quiz

          An impending winter storm rages across the midwest, soon to settle upon your town. You have a Friday totally free of responsible human obligations. Do you: a) Buy wine (even though you told yourself you wouldn’t drink until next weekend). b) Buy macaroni and cheese (even though you are trying … More Pop Quiz

What is Pretty

I think about skin.  A lot.  I worry over signs of aging; are my wrinkles getting more prominent, is that an age spot or a freckle, why is that sagging??  I spend beyond my means in order to immerse myself in magic elixirs and dragon’s blood to smear away perceived imperfections. It’s a mystery to … More What is Pretty

Jumping Track

Recovery…yeah, it’s an ongoing thing. My recovery train jumped track. Obviously, considering last weeks posts. Secrets are like cutting, no one but I see the mangled mess so I can keep it from everyone. Riiiiight. I let things get out of hand for a while there. Drinking perpetuates my self-loathing which makes me want to drink … More Jumping Track