How Do You Keep Breathing?

Interesting article on what happens if you survive your suicide attempt. My residual effects are mere discomforts. Can’t take anything with acetaminophen, if I do I get to feel like my liver and kidneys are swollen and on fire. Effexor, which I have declared the devil in pill-form, gave me lovely pulsing/flashing lights in … More How Do You Keep Breathing?

Good Morning!

Hello Friends, In the spirit of full disclosure I have added a link to a short memoir I wrote, Still Breathing. Read it to catch a glimpse of my crazy. Read it so you know you can say anything to me. Well…don’t be mean. Mean people steal your shine and that is just not cool. … More Good Morning!


I want to share honest, beautiful, uncomfortable, witty, sarcastic, strong, embarrassing, melancholy, bare-your-soul words to lead you out of the dark. I want you to share the same with me. I want the sun to shine on mental illness and expose it in all of its dirty glory, set it on fire if need be. … More Welcome