The Art of Sabotage

  We work to achieve a dream-perfect future at the expense of our present. We struggle, we falter, and we lose who we are to each other. Perfection is what is most important. Love is not nurtured; love is assumed and it is implicit that it will get us through anything. Until it doesn’t. And … More The Art of Sabotage

Awards & Such

The talented ViCariously Speaking has nominated me for the Liebster award. Because she is super cool and recognizes other super cool bloggers. Thank you for the honor, my dear friend. Now, I sort of followed the rules…please remember I am new to all of this! Here are the rules… They are bendable or breakable… Make … More Awards & Such

Morning Rant

(picture from #stopthebeautymadness I don’t get why strangers or acquaintances think they can say whatever they like to me in regards to my appearance. I wouldn’t make rude ass comments to you. You have no business telling me… “You should smile!” I’m grocery shopping, you dick, I am not here for your visual enjoyment … More Morning Rant

How Boys Contributed to the Demise of My Sanity I

A series of ex’s and the debacles, er, relationships which helped shape my deranged look on life. Chapter One: The Now I’ll Never Be a Teen Model! Boy(friend) In the oppressive and suffocating halls of high school my self-esteem took daily suicidal leaps. My girlfriends always had a boyfriend, or boys waiting for them, or … More How Boys Contributed to the Demise of My Sanity I

Where did I go?

“Life” (in quotes because it is not a preferred life since I have to work a dumb job to pay dumb bills)  has been sucking up whatever brain cells the wine has not drowned lately. To get my brain back into creative mode I am going to start a series which will have a chapter … More Where did I go?