The End of Infinity

Picture perfect humid July afternoon, a crawfish boil is underway, lawn chairs and kegs scattered about. Children swimming in a green, fetid above ground pool, dog poop decorating the land, men in sleeveless t-shirts aiming bottle rockets at each other; just another grand day in a north-end white trash neighborhood. And there I am, summer … More The End of Infinity

Pieces 1

Amidst the Chaos she gathered the scattered pieces of her Soul.  Once her puzzle was complete she saw she was not the same.  Faded, war-torn, jagged…Absolutely Beautiful. -xo 3T

The Universe is Calling. It Wants Your Bravado.

  Sunday, using the guise of continuous snow, the dogs and I chose to remain in jammies, sip wine, and binge on various television shows.  Who can clean the house or do anything productive when it is snowing?  It hinders ones motivation.  After Joey and Cash’s morning jaunt through piles of  this unwelcome snow we … More The Universe is Calling. It Wants Your Bravado.

How Do You Keep Breathing?

Interesting article on what happens if you survive your suicide attempt. My residual effects are mere discomforts. Can’t take anything with acetaminophen, if I do I get to feel like my liver and kidneys are swollen and on fire. Effexor, which I have declared the devil in pill-form, gave me lovely pulsing/flashing lights in … More How Do You Keep Breathing?