The End of Infinity

Picture perfect humid July afternoon, a crawfish boil is underway, lawn chairs and kegs scattered about. Children swimming in a green, fetid above ground pool, dog poop decorating the land, men in sleeveless t-shirts aiming bottle rockets at each other; just another grand day in a north-end white trash neighborhood. And there I am, summer … More The End of Infinity

Pieces II: Lie to Me

“Tell me of my beauty and let your lies become my truth Leave me so my beliefs crumble and I walk on the shards of your empty words Gut me with indifference Tears trace an acid path on my skin Rancid dreams and irrelevant promises Fill your lips until you choke.” -xo 3T

Bleed On the Page

This is where you write. This is where you bury the demons. Or let them escape. Or slay them. I don’t want to cry, I’m tougher than that. Right? But I cry. Then I can’t stop crying which allows my friend Panic to stomp on my chest. It really is me. I fuck up people. … More Bleed On the Page

Heels & Blades

I have that air of confidence, that special stature of composure. A brilliant smile, assortment of cute shoes, a decent (albeit aging) rack. This is what it takes to get through the day. Someone is talking to me – say something witty, say something Tara-esque, say SOMETHING. Or don’t. Listen. It’s what I do best. … More Heels & Blades