How Boys Contributed to the Demise of My Sanity II

A series of ex’s and the debacles, er, relationships which helped shape my deranged look on life. Chapter Two: The Ghost a.k.a. The Good Doctor a.k.a The One I Married (read Chapter One here) Part I My skin is persistently damp and permeated with the divine aromas of enchilada’s, smoky fajitas, tangy fresh limes, and salt. … More How Boys Contributed to the Demise of My Sanity II

Death of a Dreamer

In the Beginning The first time I earnestly cut I coupled it with an alcohol soaked pill overdose.  I didn’t realize the depth you have to cut to do irreparable damage.  I’d like to say this was my first suicide attempt.  Or even my last.  You’d think the risk of having to drink charcoal again … More Death of a Dreamer

How Do You Keep Breathing?

Interesting article on what happens if you survive your suicide attempt. My residual effects are mere discomforts. Can’t take anything with acetaminophen, if I do I get to feel like my liver and kidneys are swollen and on fire. Effexor, which I have declared the devil in pill-form, gave me lovely pulsing/flashing lights in … More How Do You Keep Breathing?

Good Morning!

Hello Friends, In the spirit of full disclosure I have added a link to a short memoir I wrote, Still Breathing. Read it to catch a glimpse of my crazy. Read it so you know you can say anything to me. Well…don’t be mean. Mean people steal your shine and that is just not cool. … More Good Morning!