Bleed On the Page

This is where you write. This is where you bury the demons. Or let them escape. Or slay them. I don’t want to cry, I’m tougher than that. Right? But I cry. Then I can’t stop crying which allows my friend Panic to stomp on my chest. It really is me. I fuck up people. … More Bleed On the Page

Heels & Blades

I have that air of confidence, that special stature of composure. A brilliant smile, assortment of cute shoes, a decent (albeit aging) rack. This is what it takes to get through the day. Someone is talking to me – say something witty, say something Tara-esque, say SOMETHING. Or don’t. Listen. It’s what I do best. … More Heels & Blades

Mercurial Rumination

Just when I think the demons have retreated from the light I’ve been basking in, they slither back through the murky corridors, their menacing whispers echo. Not thin enough. Not pretty enough. Not good enough. They grab tendrils of my hair as I try to run from them, they tug to halt my shaky steps. They … More Mercurial Rumination

Good Morning!

Hello Friends, In the spirit of full disclosure I have added a link to a short memoir I wrote, Still Breathing. Read it to catch a glimpse of my crazy. Read it so you know you can say anything to me. Well…don’t be mean. Mean people steal your shine and that is just not cool. … More Good Morning!