Mud Deep

Today I tried to dig you out of my brain. As I pulled weeds and lifted soil to create an aesthetically pleasing garden I thought of you and W. I longed to be able to dig memories of you out the same way. I wanted to dig six feet deep with only my hands, tossing … More Mud Deep

Dear CLD, Fuck You.

*How have I gone so long without knowing about the Fuck You letter? Warning, a gratuitous number of ‘fucks’ are contained within. But, blissfully, they are no longer contained in my brain. Dear CLD, Fuck you. Fuck you for not loving me. Fuck you for making me believe there was a good man under the … More Dear CLD, Fuck You.

You & Your Horse

It is absolutely ridiculous I feel it necessary to validate my writing. If you believe I am not over the men (men ppppffffffffffftttttttttt) in my past relationships you are in the wrong place, darlin’. I started this blog because there are no groups to attend in my area, unless I want to pull a Marla … More You & Your Horse

How Boys Contributed to the Demise of My Sanity II

A series of ex’s and the debacles, er, relationships which helped shape my deranged look on life. Chapter Two: The Ghost a.k.a. The Good Doctor a.k.a The One I Married (read Chapter One here) Part I My skin is persistently damp and permeated with the divine aromas of enchilada’s, smoky fajitas, tangy fresh limes, and salt. … More How Boys Contributed to the Demise of My Sanity II

Shades of Blue

Dress; the perfect shade of blue, the draping covers some fluff. Eyeliner, actually achieving that wing effect. Heels, coordinating print with an acceptable professional height. Heels off. Fan, where is the fucking fan? Why is it so damn hot? I’m home in my sanctuary, where is my calm? Find fan, sit with head between knees. … More Shades of Blue

Hit Replay

When you have $10 until your next paycheck and you spend it on wine and dog food… Priorities. When you intend to work on your blog this evening but procrastinate by being self-involved and taking the perfect new artistic selfie for said blog… Delusional Dumbass. Add in the perhaps-orphaned baby bunny that may need someone … More Hit Replay