You & Your Horse

It is absolutely ridiculous I feel it necessary to validate my writing. If you believe I am not over the men (men ppppffffffffffftttttttttt) in my past relationships you are in the wrong place, darlin’. I started this blog because there are no groups to attend in my area, unless I want to pull a Marla … More You & Your Horse

Hit Replay

When you have $10 until your next paycheck and you spend it on wine and dog food… Priorities. When you intend to work on your blog this evening but procrastinate by being self-involved and taking the perfect new artistic selfie for said blog… Delusional Dumbass. Add in the perhaps-orphaned baby bunny that may need someone … More Hit Replay


It’s Monday. (says Ms. Obvious) You’re not writing. (says dear readers) What are you doing?? (asks the little guy who resides in the right quadrant of brain space) They’re all going to laugh at you! (says Adam Sandler, that bastard) <——–“The page is fucking blank!” she screamed at no one in particular. I don’t know. … More …so…yeah…

Heels & Blades

I have that air of confidence, that special stature of composure. A brilliant smile, assortment of cute shoes, a decent (albeit aging) rack. This is what it takes to get through the day. Someone is talking to me – say something witty, say something Tara-esque, say SOMETHING. Or don’t. Listen. It’s what I do best. … More Heels & Blades

The Universe is Calling. It Wants Your Bravado.

  Sunday, using the guise of continuous snow, the dogs and I chose to remain in jammies, sip wine, and binge on various television shows.  Who can clean the house or do anything productive when it is snowing?  It hinders ones motivation.  After Joey and Cash’s morning jaunt through piles of  this unwelcome snow we … More The Universe is Calling. It Wants Your Bravado.

Pop Quiz

          An impending winter storm rages across the midwest, soon to settle upon your town. You have a Friday totally free of responsible human obligations. Do you: a) Buy wine (even though you told yourself you wouldn’t drink until next weekend). b) Buy macaroni and cheese (even though you are trying … More Pop Quiz


I want to share honest, beautiful, uncomfortable, witty, sarcastic, strong, embarrassing, melancholy, bare-your-soul words to lead you out of the dark. I want you to share the same with me. I want the sun to shine on mental illness and expose it in all of its dirty glory, set it on fire if need be. … More Welcome