Shades of Blue

Blue DressDress; the perfect shade of blue, the draping covers some fluff. Eyeliner, actually achieving that wing effect. Heels, coordinating print with an acceptable professional height.

Heels off. Fan, where is the fucking fan? Why is it so damn hot? I’m home in my sanctuary, where is my calm? Find fan, sit with head between knees. It is still so hot. Sweet puppy noses seek their way to my face.

Pretty blue dress. Cool bathroom linoleum aligning my spine. Will I puke? At least I scrubbed the toilet the other day. Should I remove the dress to avoid vomit splash? I cannot move. Cry. Why am I crying? I thought I was just overheated. But I cry. Hear Joey sniffing at the door; feel horrible when she whines. Feel the bought air.

Sweat dries along with most of the tears.

Am I about to lose everything material I’ve worked for?

Allow myself to lean back into the arms of the man I love, belly full of pasta and wine.

I know who I am. I do not need the approval of the powers-that-be at work.

No, I do. I need this job.

Some ass-jockey can come in and end it without reason. With zero regard to any of us in the company.

Damn. It’s only Monday.

-xo 3T

3 thoughts on “Shades of Blue

  1. Try and stay positive – if in fact the job status is that disposable, maybe it’s time to move on? You have a lot of great skills and experience that would build a pretty kick-ass resume. Don’t like the daily uncertainty? Move on. Change is scary but knowing that your livelihood is in someone else’s hands is even scarier. Everything happens for a reason. Keep your head up, honey.

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