It’s Monday. (says Ms. Obvious)

You’re not writing. (says dear readers)

What are you doing?? (asks the little guy who resides in the right quadrant of brain space)

They’re all going to laugh at you! (says Adam Sandler, that bastard)file0002000666636

<——–“The page is fucking blank!” she screamed at no one in particular.

I don’t know. Can’t write. So, yeah, guess the long weekend will entail a good bottle of wine (1 bottle/hour = happy writer T,  OR = sloppy drunk who can no longer type T), reflection, fur-kid lovin’, and a serious dose of WHY FOR CAN’T YOU WRITE ANYMORE?

There are worse things to deal with on a holiday weekend, I get that! This is my time to bitch, so stop pointing out irritatingly obvious rhetoric.

If any of you bloggers have some fabulous alcohol-soaked tips on beating the dreaded block I would LOVE for you to share. ‘Cause I’m going craaaazy. This shit is not meant to be trapped in me noggin’.

-xo 3T

2 thoughts on “…so…yeah…

  1. What sometimes works for me is to go outside. Maybe drop a line in a lake, and knock back a few drinks. Or maybe go to a park with a couple of cigars. Just start talking into my phone using the Dragon Dictation app, and ramble on. Work on plot complications, back story for a character, dialogue, whatever you’re stuck on. Just a few drinks, since Dictation sometimes has trouble with a sloppy drunk.

    Go back home and run the results through the computer while I fry up whatever fish I caught, and take a nap. Get up, and go look at what I said while out. Results so far are about 25% drunken crap, 50% usable materials with some edits, 15% stuff for other books, and 10% stuff I’m proud of.

    Let’s face it, 75% fair-to-great material is a good return on investment for a day fishing. It seems to beat what I get sitting in front of a computer!


    1. Finnegan, you’re the best! Thank you for sharing. I’m going to replace fishing with swimming. Hopefully that paired with wine will knock down this damn block!


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