Morning Rant


(picture from #stopthebeautymadness

I don’t get why strangers or acquaintances think they can say whatever they like to me in regards to my appearance. I wouldn’t make rude ass comments to you. You have no business telling me…

“You should smile!” I’m grocery shopping, you dick, I am not here for your visual enjoyment nor should I have to walk around with a fake smile to please people.

“Late night? You look tired.” Look, bitch, I got up and put heels and lip gloss on and showed up to work kind of on time. You and your outdated block-heeled boots and plain hang-dog face are not my friend so you do not get to say such things to me.

“I like your hair the color it was.” Did I ask for your opinion? How about I like it when you shut the fuck up.

“You look pale.” I am a red-headed blue eyed Caucasian but thank you for reminding me years of slathering on SPF have helped belie my age. I shall continue to blind you with my paleness.

“Don’t ever cut your hair.” YES MA’AM.

“We are going to have to work out all night to burn these calories!” We? Are we buddies? Are you telling me I’m fat like you?

“We are getting old!” Seriously, I’m going to smack you.

*end rant, pops a Xanax*

Peace and Love, Dear Readers. Be kind!

-xo 3T



2 thoughts on “Morning Rant

  1. LOL! I do have to say that a couple of weeks ago, I was the person who told the eye-rolling, grumpy-face checker at a kids clothing store that she looked like she was having a bad day and she should try smiling. Hey, I was the customer and she was giving off the impression that it was paining her to have to wait on me. BTW, love, love, love your new page theme. Looks great honey!

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